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#1 2022-06-16 11:38:07

From: Russia
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On the wall there was a figure of a gigantic cat with a rope on its neck.
It was a foggy night and the light was coming and going, and the Fog Horn was calling through the air.
Did the fire happen because of the cruel thing I had done? The next day I visited the ruins.
The Fog Horn was blowing once every fifteen seconds.
And one day you want to destroy it, because it hurts you.
’ Well, you have been here for three months, Johnny, so I’m going to tell you.

na russkom yazyke
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I hope your friend will come soon.
When I woke up, I felt his whiskers upon my face.
Besides, we’re safe here.
If you have not read the Christmas story The Gift of the Magi by O.
The cat got in my way and I caught him.
To tell the truth, at that moment I decided to kill him, too.
The monster’s eyes looked into the dark.

v horoshem kachestve
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Your story is very interesting, said the policeman.
It was a minute of silence and the men could hear their hearts.
The Fog Horn blew.
Everything is all right, officer, he said.
It was not anger, nor surprise, nor fear.

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